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Author Topic: Chrysanthemum Stone  (Read 2198 times)

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Chrysanthemum Stone
« on: March 14, 2013, 04:07:01 PM »

Chrysanthemum Stone

Chrysanthemum Stone can act as a catalyst for activating the dormant capacities that lie within individual. Those who are aware in themselves of a certain nagging feeling – that they are not living as they were meant to live, that they have not quite heard or followed their inner calling, that some seed within them still needs to germinate – may find in this stone the ally that will help them awaken their sleeping potential. If one has always wanted to do something – write dance, climb a mountain, start a business – Chrysanthemum Stone offers energetic support for finding the courage and opportunities to live one’s dreams. If one doesn’t yet even know one’s dream, sleeping or meditating with this stone can help one receive the inner message that makes clear the nature of one’s neglected purpose.

These auspicious stones offer even more. They are magnets for positive synchronicities – the sorts of things some people call “luck”. Many individuals on the spiritual path are aware of the way in which the universe throw much assistance before one’s fee, in the form of synchronous unexpected opportunities, once one has begun the journey. When we embark on the road of our soul’s longing, the very act of turning in the direction and moving forward can give the Universe the cue it needs to help us. Chrysanthemum  Stone, like other talismans of good fortune, seems to draw or at least be present at the occurrence of, such welcome turns of fate. Perhaps this is because of its vibrates in resonance to the flowering of our highest good.

Chrysanthemum Stone is an ally you can call upon for grounding, wealth and good fortune in all things physical. It promotes a sense of balance between the spiritual and physical realms and its energy encourages the expression of love and joy. Its mineral composition creates an energy that can burn through obstacles to abundance, health, and joy in one’s life. Chrysanthemum Stone is powerful shamanic work and for practitioners of astral travel, as it assist one in maintaining one’s physical body while one is absent from it.

Chrysanthemum Stone reflects the burst of primal creative energy in its beautiful flowers like patterns. This energy of creation can be used for manifestation or for physical fertility. This stone encourages one to experience the joy of physical reality and to recognise that all of creation is a manifestation and a reflection of the Divine. This is a stone representing good fortune on all levels of physical life and is therefore an excellent gift as an amulet for infants and for newly joined partners.

Spiritual ~ Chrysanthemum Stone is an excellent companion for those working to open to true abundance on all levels of life. It encourages the manifestation of ideas and energy in the physical world and can be supportive for healers and other who call upon and use energy consistently. 

Emotional ~ Chrysanthemum Stone allows one to connect with the joy of creation, expression and manifestation. It helps one becomes more open and daring in one’s approach to life. It can assist in overcoming fear of limitation and encourage an experience of abundance, contentment and joy.