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Title: My First Healing Session
Post by: Shell on April 19, 2009, 12:07:34 PM
Hi Everyone as most of you know- I am in the middle of doing Reiki 1 which will make me a practitioner- I was told to practice and practice so my mum asked me to do a session on her on Thursday afternoon as she had a knee replacement in November 2008 and mum had major surgery on her back in 1991 My mum is a total skeptic in anything like this but is now a huge believer-

When I turned up at mums she looked a little worse for wear and I guessed she had a headache and low and behold she did- so I started the process and low and behold her headache left her after just a few minutes- I then started on down her body and final came to her knee well the Reiki it seems didn't help that but that's ok I'm going to keep trying- It was then time to flip mum over and start on her back. Within minutes mum said it was like coals on her back and she could feel the heat and it was just magic- She said the heat went around in to her chest and into her right breast and she asked me to stop so I did- and moved down her back to her bottom and she said it was amazing as her siatica(Sp) was playing up well that eased of as well.. After I finished the colour had come back into her face and she was glowing.

The following afternoon I called my mum to see how she was doing and she said she felt great the knee was still sore but her back felt amazing and she didnt have a headache which had been hanging around for a few days.

Anyway I have turned mum around into a believer.

I hope to start mobile Reiki in the future but for now it will be practice and more practice- I get my new bute Reiki table next week and cant wait.

Sorry this post was a little long
Sending shell hugs