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Title: Truly Inspirational - The Last Lecture
Post by: Vicki on October 17, 2008, 04:05:33 PM

I got this book when i was dropping my partner at the airport after having searched for it to no avail. I had heard of it and seen the tail end of it on Oprah and thought i need to read this book. I got home from the airport and was tired and exhausted, after walking the entire airport and then through the wrong terminal, then finally after the second security station i was randomly drug searched (yes by this time i was definately looking like a drug addict), i hopped into bed and thought i'll just read the first chapter......  BIG MISTAKE!!!  This is one of those books you CAN'T put down! I had it finished in no time. Remember i work, single mother and also trying to get a business off the ground and run this web site, i still managed to get through it in a couple of days.

I believe this book should be given to every single person to read to get them to put life into perspective.

Randy is inspirational!

Rest in peace Randy. Know that you have touched and changed i'm sure the lives of more people than you could ever have imagined! I have no doubt that Jai and your children will find it difficult without you but will without a doubt go on to live incredible lives just as their father did!

The Last Lecture - Randy Pausch
                                              Professor, Carnegie Mellon

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