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Title: The Worst Place to......
Post by: Vicki on October 17, 2008, 12:50:21 PM
Exercise Outside

Is By A Main Road!

Not only do the traffic fumes make breathing harder, making exercise feel ever more strenuous, but the University of Edinburgh Scotland has found diesel fumes in particular, make your blood clot too!

This increases your risk of heart attack or stroke!

Choose a route that skips main roads or if you have no choice avoid rush hour when traffic fumes are at their highest!

- Good Health & Medicine
Title: Re: The Worst Place to......
Post by: Vicki on October 19, 2008, 03:43:16 PM

Use Your Mobile Phone!

Out Walking!!

Not only do 48% of mobile users walk out in front of cars while chatting and walking, a study at the University of Queensland has found walking while talking puts pressure on your back!

Our breathing is synchronished to each step: as our foot hits the ground, we exhale causing our back muscles to tighten to lessen the impact. Chatting upsets our breathing, making mobile chat a risk factor for backache!

That is definately some food for thought considering how much time we all seem to spend on mobile phones these days and how many people you come across who have back pain to some degree. I know that i'm guilty of it!

Love and healing,


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Title: Re: The Worst Place to......
Post by: Vicki on November 16, 2008, 05:25:04 PM

Sit On The Beach?

In The Wet Sand!

It might be the best place for the children to play and make sandcastles, but it also increases the risk of them picking up a stomach bug by up to 12 times more than if they sit on dry sand.

Both dry and wet sand contain bacteria that can lead to stomach upsets, "but it's possible that water makes them more viable for infection or helps them stick to your fingers and pass into your system".  It is suggested that you stick to dry sand and thoroughly washing hands before eating.

- Good Health & Medicine

I know that i personally carry with me at all times in my handbag a small bottle of Aqium so i can squirt a little on my hands before eating and i know that my hands are clean. Its anti bacterial and makes me feel safe and clean. I know i may go a little overboard :), but i also have some on the kitchen bench, in the boys bathroom and in my bathroom as well.

Love and healing,

Title: Re: The Worst Place to......
Post by: Vicki on December 10, 2008, 02:22:34 PM

Store Fruit

In the Fridge

US Researchers have found that antioxidant levels in uncut watermelon rise by about 40 percent if they're kept at room temperature. Pears, peaches and bananas also develop extra nutrients if left to ripen once picked.

Other produce you should keep out of the fride include tomatoes, which improve in flavour at room temperature and sweet potatoes, which go mouldy quickly in the cold. Exceptions are apples in summer and soft berries like strawberries. By summer, an apple has been in cold storage around nine months. Taken out of storage they quickly change flavour and taste starchy, but putting them in the fridge when you get them home helps prevent this.

Berries should also be kept cold to prevent them from going off - but then left out at room temperature for an hour or two before eating them to bring out their flavours.

- Good Health & Medicine