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Author Topic: Creedite  (Read 4260 times)

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« on: May 19, 2014, 05:19:39 PM »


Quickly and powerfully activates the third eye and crown chakras and those above. There is a vivid sense of expansion of one’s field of awareness and a euphoria that feels like a floating upliftment. Over time, you sense a deepening of the energy, moving down to the heart. Creedite is an access key stone. It can assist one in attuning to the Akashic records, “opening the file” in record keeper crystals, understanding the messages of spirit guides, interpreting oracle such as tarot, and channelling the messages of spirit beings. It can help meditators make the quantum leap to higher domains of consciousness.

This stone is effective for cleansing, realigning and recharging all the chakras system of the energetic body.

It is a stone of the angelic reals, and it can help one manifest spiritual Light in everyday life.

It speeds up the ability to move between multidimensional levels of consciousness, attuning the physical body to the changing vibration and imparting urgency to spiritual evolution. This cluster formation radiates energy out to the surrounding environment and absorbs detrimental energies.

Creedite releases you from an ingrained need to be a dram queen - or a martyr - enabling you to stand in the peaceful centre of your emotions rather than being overwhelmed by them.

It is especially useful for cleansing and recharging a room or workspace. This stone can be used to purify other crystals but does need to be cleansed afterwards.