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Author Topic: Vanadinite  (Read 2371 times)

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« on: May 12, 2014, 05:51:39 PM »

Vanadinite is an excellent stone for people who have problems accepting their physicality. It has a strong connection with the earth chakra in the earth body beneath the feet. Grounding the soul into the physical body and assisting it being comfortable in the earth environment. Vanadinite guards against squandering energy and teaches you how to conserve energy at the physical level.
Vanadinite is an aid to meditation. Shutting off mind chatter, it can facilitate a state of "no mind" or be used to direct awareness consciously for psychic vision and journeying. It has the power to open an internal channel within the body to receive an in flooding of universal energy. This energy aligns the chakras and brings the higher self into the physical body, facilitating a deep inner peace.
Mentally, Vanadinite fills the gap between thought and intellect. It assists in defining and pursuing goals and shuts off mind chatter, allowing insight and rational thought to combine in an inner voice of guidance.

It is a great stone for someone who needs to make an important decision. Gives clarity of thought. It helps you get through to the end if you have a huge workload. 

Also excellent for healers and mediums.

This stone has the useful property of curbing overspending. Place in the wealth corner of the house or put a small piece in your purse to retain your money.

Healing ~ Vanadinite is useful for breathing difficulties such as asthma and congested lungs. Vanadinite treats chronic exhaustion and bladder problems.