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Author Topic: Stichtite and Serpentine  (Read 2319 times)

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Stichtite and Serpentine
« on: October 24, 2013, 06:21:37 PM »

Stichtite and Serpentine

At a very deep level Stichtite and Serpentine changes your core relationship with yourself, helping you to love and fully accept who you are. It nourishes body and soul so that emotional energy and spiritual intent flow freely in harmony. This gentle stone has an extremely soothing effect, grounding and centreing the body and anchoring it to the earth so that your true self reveals itself in the physical dimension and, simultaneously, operates in multi-dimensions and time-frames.

Stichtite and Serpentine helps you to trace the source of emotional and psychosomatic dis-ease and to de-energize the events underlying it, no matter from which lifetime it arose. Once this energy drain is cleared, new patterns of positive self-regard and optimism are put in place. It is particularly helpful for eating disorders or self-destructive, self-deprecating behaviour as it enhances self-love and dissolves patterns of self-abuse arising out of a deep sense of inferiority and poor self-image. If you have never been able to speak about what has happened to you, this stone gently encourages you to verbalize and release what has been blocked for so long.

If spontaneous, uncontrolled kundalini rise occurs. Stichtite with Serpentine helps to rebalance all the subtle bodies with the physical, attuning all the levels of your being and opening mystical consciousness and connection to All That ls.

This stone comes from the other side of the ocean to Australian Atlantisite but has a similar connection to the ancient continents of Lemuria and Atlantis, helping you to explore your connection with those civilisations.

Healing ~  This combination provides pain relief as it gets to the energetic core of a problem. It may assist diabetes (balancing hypoglycaemia and sugar imbalances), stabilize blood pressure and harmonize the nervous system. It is reported to treat Parkinson's and dementia.