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Author Topic: Zebra Marble  (Read 1651 times)

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Zebra Marble
« on: May 09, 2013, 05:33:31 PM »

Zebra Marble

An efficient grounding stone, Zebra Marble keeps you connected to the earth during spiritual working. It teaches how to fully inhabit your body, with your feet firmly on the ground. Shaking out apathy or disinterest, it fills you with zest for life and remotivates you towards goals.

Marble is generally a nurturing and protective stone.  It can be very grounding, enabling one to learn patience and practicality when it is most needed.  Marble can also aid those who have trouble finding clarity and focus, which also helps one to achieve and hold deeper states of meditation.  It can also enhance one's dream recall, by sleeping with the stone under the pillow.

Zebra Marble carries these qualities of regular marble but to a greater extent.  It can help one to learn the inner truth to one's desires, helping to focus on what is wanted rather than what is not wanted.  It's energies allow for greater control over thoughts, helping to keep a higher vibration available more often.  By being mindful of one's thoughts, there is a better chance of manifestation of true desires. 

Emotionally, this stone overcomes depression and anxiety. It provides powerful stimulation for artistic creativity.

Healing ~ Brings vitality to the body and supports the blood, beneficial for bones and lymphatic flow.