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Author Topic: Vision Boards  (Read 1965 times)

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Vision Boards
« on: December 31, 2012, 08:45:22 PM »
Vision Boards

A great idea is to start your very own Vision Board. These are simple, enjoyable to make, very personal to you and even therapeutic. They come into line with the theories of the Laws of Attraction. I made one years ago when i first started in a spiritual awareness class. EVERYTHING on that board has come true, except for one thing and that is a holiday. Believe me, i had things on that board that i never thought (back then) would happen, but with some faith, and belief its amazing what the universe can bring to you.

You can do these as Family Vision Boards and get everyone to put what they would like on it. I have my boys pictures in the Center of mine and I ensure that it covers them all for the Year!

I update my one at the start of every year!

What do you need?

A picture of yourself, smiling, happy and content! OR
If its a family board pictures of each member of the entire family!
Cardboard / A3 size paper / Corkboard / Whiteboard
Lots of magazines
Glue / thumb tacks / Blu Tac
Internet access if you wish to get pictures off the net and a printer
Your imagination!

Compile pictures of things that you want in your in life or would like to achieve in your life! Maybe a car, a soul mate, a home etc. You can also find words or phrases that mean something to you. Then sort through the pictures you have cut out and use the ones that really make your heart sing! That mean something to you and will be in line with achieving your goals and dreams.

Put the picture of yourself in the Centre of the your work!
Then place your favourite pieces around the board.
Go with your heart on this one. If it feels right then leave it, if it doesn't move it.

Place your Vision board somewhere that you can see it daily and that you can feel what it would be like if those pictures were actually part of your life.

Make sure that when your making your board that you think fun! Think delight! This is YOUR future! This is YOUR wish list to the Universe!

Above all enjoy, making your future the best that it can be for YOU!

Enjoy Vicki   :D