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Author Topic: Meditation Destination ~ 11  (Read 2194 times)

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Meditation Destination ~ 11
« on: September 11, 2012, 12:55:09 PM »

Meditation Destination

Welcome to our Eleventh destination

I hope that you enjoyed the Tenth destination and made the most of it. I hope the meditations are helping you to relax. Remember, I just want you to soak up the image, and see yourself there.

Make yourself comfortable. Lying down on your bed is fine or sitting in a recliner is awesome! It’s all about your comfort to make the most of this experience.

So Let’s Get Started!

Taking nice deep cleansing breaths in and as you exhale, release all the negativity, stress and tension from the past week. Repeat this, several times, allowing your breathing to get slower, deeper and your body to relax with each breath you take. Any thoughts that come into your mind, acknowledge them and simply let them drift away. After a few minutes and your feeling relaxed I want you to take yourself to the image. Place yourself in it. You walk down the rattan walkway between the two fire lamps and enter the oasis in the dessert. Your eyes are wide open as you soak up everything before you. It’s beautiful. So many beautiful lanterns light the night and the stunning tent. There are cushions everywhere for you to sit or lie on to make yourself as comfortable as possible. There is food and drinks, as much as your heart desires. This is your ultimate fantasy. There are waiters if you like to wait on you, or you can be alone. The night sky is a stunning blue and sliver of a moon is breathtaking. You can see a sprinkling of stars…. This is your experience of pure indulgence, pleasure and relaxation and will only be limited by your imagination.  Remember you choose whatever it is YOU want to do. This is now your SACRED SPACE for the next 10+ minutes. Explore and have an adventure OR just soak up the amazing tranquillity and enjoy doing nothing. It’s YOUR experience! There is no time limit, when you are finished, and are feeling completely indulged, relaxed, refreshed, revitalized, filled with love and AWESOME! Just simply, bring your mind back to your room, and in your own time, open your eyes. Smile to yourself. Remember how fantastic you feel and know that feeling will stay with you!

Have a fantastic day/night!