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Author Topic: Astrophyllite  (Read 3869 times)

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Astrophyllite is a gemstone ally for navigating the twists and turns of travels beyond the body-in the astral realm and the next several levels above it. It can help one achieve the state of lucidity wherein one can make choices and take purposeful actions, even in the often chaotic domain of dreams. It is both a spur to expanding consciousness into the higher realms and an anchor which can assist one in returning to 'home base,' no matter the extent of one's wanderings.

The famous words of the oracle of Delphi, "Know thyself," might be the concentrated message of Astrophyllite. It can reveal the hidden pattern of one's divine blueprint, or life purpose, if one is willing to work with it awhile in meditation. Another way to achieve this is to simply wear or carry the stone, then learn to pay close attention to the synchronicities in one's everyday life. Following the pattern of such 'random' events, one can discern the outline of what the Universe wants from us and for us. Astrophyllite is both a magnet for these synchronicities and an aid to being more aware of their occurrence and meaning.

Being out of alignment with one's inner purpose can cause all sorts of symptoms, such as boredom, depression, overeating, addictions and so forth. Astrophyllite can aid one in shedding such states, not as a direct remedy, but as an amplifier of one's latent interest in the deeper and more significant purposes of one's life. When we are absorbed in the thrilling drama of self-discovery, such distractions and compensations are less attractive. The complex structures and flashing reflections of Astrophyllite resonate with its deeper purpose to shine a light on the mirror of consciousness, to illuminate the true self.

Astrophyllite is a powerful Storm element stone that activates the chakra column to become a channel for high-frequency Light energy. It activates and connects the Soul Star chakra above the head with the Earthstar chakra below the feet. In the connection of these two powerful etheric energy centers, all others chakras in the body are activated, charged and aligned. Astrophyllite enables one to resonate with and radiate the full spectrum of electromagnetic energy that is the Light. From the highest-frequency energy to the lowest, Astrophyllite reminds us that the entire spectrum of Light is necessary to our health and our
spiritual growth.

Astrophyllite carries an energy that helps walk-ins  and ETS feel more at home on Earth. It stimulates the higher chakras and encourages intergalactic and interdimensional communication and telepathy with beings from these realms. It can enhance telepathic communication on the Earth plane as well, allowing for more exact interpretation of psychic information. It is an excellent ally to employ when one wishes to receive specific scientific or technical information from these other realms or from other times such as one's past lives in Atlantis or ancient Egypt. It can assist one in psychic time travel or intergalactic travel.

Astrophyllite has the ability to direct Light into the darkest recesses of one's being and experience. It can help one perceive and understand one's most buried and unacknowledged thoughts and feelings. By bringing these shadow aspects of the self to conscious awareness, wholeness, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness can be achieved. Astrophyllite is excellent for those who believe they are beyond redemption or salvation due to their ego investment in the shadow self. It can help these individuals to perceive their inherent divinity, fully accepting and loving themselves, deciding to live their full potential. For this reason, Astrophyllite can offer excellent support for counselling those who have been institutionalized in our criminal justice or mental health systems. It is also helpful in exorcism and entity removal work.

Astrophyllite strengthens the energy field, acting as a natural protection against negative or harmful vibrations. Electromagnetic energy is Light energy and is necessary for much of our healing and psychic work. However, very intense or focused electromagnetic fields can be harmful, and electromagnetic pollution is a growing concern in our society. Astrophyllite can mediate the effects of electromagnetic pollution-such as that produced by electronic radio transmitters or cell towers-even as it assists the body in processing a broader range of electromagnetic energy. It acts as a natural protection against radioactivity as well.

By carrying it on your body... or wearing it if possible.... you will find that you attract the necessary experiences that you need into your life. These may be by way of the principle of coincidence and synchronicity... those seemingly unplanned and unforeseen events that happen, to create amazing situations come about in your life.

This amazing stone will infuse your entire system with light. As the vibration of Astrophyllite activates all of your chakras... and you feel its energy spiritually, emotionally and physically, watch out for random events or synchronicities occurring. Be aware and follow your intuition, and you may make major strides forward in your life.

It may be labeled as the 'marriage stone' as it promotes fidelity, truth and complete honesty between partners in a relationship. Using an Astrophyllite stone may activate a strong soul-connection between those in relationships. It is a stone that will accentuate those past life experiences that you and your soul-partner may have experienced.

Spiritual ~  Astrophyllite enhances the ability to communicate with ETS, interdimensional beings and other civilizations from the past or future. It activates the entire chakra column and assists the body in resonating with a full spectrum of Light energy. It can assist in exorcisms and entity removal and in turning dark entities toward the Light.

Emotional ~ Astrophyllite can help one accept one's shadow self and feel more whole and accepting of oneself. It can give hope to those who fear the judgment of others or the Divine. It assists one in finding Light in the darkest corners and in deciding to express one's full Light in the world. Astrophyllite allows one to face one's darkest fears and reclaim one's full power.

Physical ~ Astrophyllite can energetically protect one against radiation and electromagnetic fields. It helps regulate the nervous system and enhances brain function. Astrophyllite is useful in supporting detoxification on an energetic or physical level.

Most of this information is from
"The Book of Stones" Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian