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Author Topic: Ganesh  (Read 1950 times)

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« on: March 28, 2011, 03:01:08 PM »


Ganesh is an elephant-headed deity who removes obstacles for any one who asks for his help. He is the Hindu god of prosperity and wisdom, who also assists with writing and art projects. Many different stories abound that explain why Ganesh has an elephant's head. In most stories, Ganesh lost his head (perhaps because of his father's anger), and Ganesh's mother took the first head that she could find -a baby elephant's- and placed it on her son's neck.

In Hinduism, Ganesh is the first deity contacted during prayers. It's recommended that you invoke Ganesh prior to conducting a ceremony, engaging in writing, or before any endeavor in which you want to succeed.
Ganesh is extremely loving, sweet, polite, and gentle, yet also very strong. He's large enough to blaze trails ahead of you so that your path is clear, but he's also so filled with love and sweetness that you don't have to worry that his brute strength could turn against you. He's analogous to Archangel Michael, in that he's a loving and loyal protective force.

Ganesh is called "the Remover of Obstacles" because he mows down any blocks that could stand in his path. Think of a tame elephant walking ahead of you on a trail, trampling brush so that your way is clear. That is Ganesh.

Helps with:
- Abundance
- Artistic projects
- Household peace and harmony
- Obstacles, removing and avoiding
- Wisdom issues
- Writing

To Call Ganesh

If you're unfamiliar with how Ganesh looks, find a picture of him in a book or on the Internet. Once you're familiar with how he looks, it's easy to call upon him by visualizing him in your mind and saying:

"Beloved Ganesh, thank you for smoothing my path today, with harmony and peacefulness reigning supreme. I appreciate your walking before me, clearing all obstructions that could impede my progress. Help me see the blessings within everything today. Thank you."

-Doreen Virtue

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