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Author Topic: Brigit  (Read 1913 times)

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Brigit is a warrior goddess who has struck a perfect balance of femininity and no apologies power. Depending upon whom you as, her name either means "the bright one", "the bright arrow" or "the powerful one". All of these names describe Brigit perfectly.

Originally a highly respected Celtic goddess afforded much acclaim in ancient Ireland, Brigit had a shrine erected in her honor in the town of Kidare, where whomen tended to a flame that burned continually. In the fifth century, Brigit was adopted by the Catholic church and was deem "Saint Brigit".

Brigit is the female equivalent of Archangel Michael, fiercely protecting and lovingly clearing those who call upon her. Like Michael, Brigit also inspires Divine guidance and prophetic information. She's the half sister of the Celtic love god, Aengus, sharing the same mother with him. Brigit is known as a triple goddess of the flame who uses her flames to help purify us; and increase fertility, creativity and promote healing. "Triple goddess" means that Brigit has three different personas or aspects, as if she's three different people, each with distinct duties and specialities.

Brigit is a sun goddess, associated with fire. When she's in your presence you may feel hot and actually begin to perspire. Brigit is celebrated each February 1 during an event originally known as "Imbolc",the rite to usher in springtime and welcome the birth of new livestock.

Brigit helps with

- Courage, increasing (especially women)
- Life purpose and finding direction
- Protection
- Warmth - in relationships, body, and environment

You can call upon Brigit anytime. It is especially effective if you light a candle and stare into the flame and repeat the following:

"Great Brigit, I know that you hear me the moment that I think of you. I ask for your presence and assistance. Please lend me your courage and power so that I may rise to the level of my highest capabilities. Please warm my heart and mind with your brightness and burn away any thoughts, feeling or behaviours that stand in the way of my Divine potential. Help me to have the courage to be my very best, and to lose all fear of being powerful."

- Doreen Virtue

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