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Author Topic: My AMAZING TRANSFORMATION...  (Read 6490 times)

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« on: July 01, 2010, 11:13:11 PM »
Now I am sure you are all thinking... yeah right!

Well I have to say that just past 12 months ago, I was on the road to self destruction.. I was very unhappy and everytime things seemed to get better... sure enough someone would pull the rug out from underneath me...I wondered.. how come this is happening to me? And how come I don't have to do anything and things still go wrong? In every corner of my life I was struggling to stay above water and be a good, happy, and balanced mother to my lovely little girl that I had been blessed with.. I felt like I was born under an unlucky star and that I had to do everything in life the hard way.. Until one day someone gave me Vicki's card and told me to call her... I felt blessed that she was able to see me so quickly and had the strangest feeling that things were going to be okay:) I never forget the first time I spoke with her on the phone, booking my first appointment - I just knew my life would soon improve...
After my first session I felt so light.. like a huge weight had literally been lifted from my shoulders..it was truely amazing like nothing I had really experienced before.
After a few sessions - wow what a difference - I started to not feel any of the emotional turmoil that was dragging me down. I was able to send negative energy right back to where it came from and was finally able to say 'NO' (without feeling bad) to all the people I couldn't say no to before.. I couldn't believe the change within myself and how I was now able to stand up and have confidence and courage within myself. Many of my close friends asked me what on earth I had done as they could see such a vast change in me. After these sessions I decided to have the axial done and can say that for me it was a complete transformation. I have never looked back - in fact that life seems like it was forever away. Within 3 months I had a new car, given to me. Within 6 months a new house.. And now just on 12 months I'm about to open my own business..in a field of work I will enjoy..and that is less draining. Soon I'll go to work every day to make people feel better about themselves. Not like before where I was going to work and people were draining my energy..I have had a complete life change.. I now live in the country..Life is simpler and finally things feel like they're on the up..and that doors just seem to open every where I turn.. there seems to be less and less blocked doorways now.. and I know that from the moment I met my beautiful friend Vicki, that she has helped me completely change my life..
Thank you so much Vicki for all your help and guidance, how will I ever repay you?? You're a miracle!! xo ;D
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« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2010, 08:58:16 PM »
Dear Em,

When i talk about a healing session or an axial initiation to people and i say that its different for each person and that no two are the same and that it truly is a life changing experience, they often look at me like I've got two heads. 

Thank you for what you just wrote! You are a perfect example of exactly what i mean. No one will have an experience the same as you. They will have their own experience which is unique to them. But if they are ready and open as you were, it will be life changing.

I have watched you go through so much Em. I am so proud of you! You have evolved, from your safe cocoon into a beautiful butterfly who is now spreading her wings and taking the world on. You are now able to do anything you want!

Hmmm never been called a miracle before  LOL.. but thanks for the compliment Em. Love ya  :-*

Love and healing,