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Author Topic: Peridot  (Read 2068 times)

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« on: March 11, 2010, 05:43:13 PM »


A high-vibrational Heart Chakra Crystal, Peridot carries a positive energy that is helpful for those undergoing traumatic emotional situations.  The strong Heart Chakra energies are what gives Peridot its ability to bring out unconditional Love and help those who are working to lessen the effects of the ego in their lives.  Peridot is a great stone for helping align to the natural cycles of life, and can effect the way these cycles are perceived in relation to the whole experience of living in the 3D realm, while still keeping conscious that there is a spiritual life waiting beyond that realm.  It is in this way that Peridot becomes an ally in all spiritual work, for it aids in connecting experiences brought in via the Third-Eye Chakra to the depths of the Heart Chakra.

Peridot can work with both the Heart and Solar-Plexus Chakras to affect an understanding of the role relationships play in ones life, whether romantic, friendly, or otherwise.  As such, Peridot is a good crystal to wear or carry during interaction with others.  Peridot is also a protective crystal, offering a supportive energy to keep chakras in balance and alignment, especially after any type of energy healing work has been done on the body.  These "maintenance" type energies make Peridot exceptional in group situations, offering its upbeat and comforting vibe to all nearby.

Physically, gemmy Peridot offers deep healing vibrations to the whole body, and can be especially helpful to those recovering from illness or accidents.  Specifically, Peridot can bring healing to the lungs, heart, and stomach, and is believed to assist in childbirth

Color: Shades of green-from yellow-green, grass green, pale emerald green, green/brown to green/black