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Author Topic: Does Quantum work on animals?  (Read 3112 times)

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Does Quantum work on animals?
« on: July 07, 2008, 06:20:20 PM »

A question i've been asked a few times is does Quantum Bio Energetics work on animals? The answer is yes. In fact it works on almost anything, plants, water etc.

An example i can give is my dog. His name is Bazza and he is was traumatised as a pup. I had a personal trainer come out and try to train him but to no avail. He continued to jump on you as you walked outside and being a large dog (lab x golden retriever) he would knock you over.

I gave him some frequency and "turned him down" a little and the change in him is incredible. He is much calmer and he loves the Quantum. He comes looking for it LOL. When i give him some he just sits at my feet and almost purrs, then he sometimes just drops down and lies there while i go over him and check him out.

So there are many uses for Quantum other than just humans.

Give it a try!!   :)

Love and gratitude