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Author Topic: Top 10 Things your GP would like to tell you.....  (Read 2519 times)

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Top 10 Things your GP would like to tell you.....
« on: December 21, 2008, 06:13:11 PM »
If only there were more time in a consultation.

These are the top 10 things your GP would like to tell you about / share with you if he / she had the time.

Tip no. 1     Stop Smoking

Tip no. 2     Eat Well

Tip no. 3     Get Moving

Tip no. 4     Restrict Alcohol

Tip no. 5     Reduce Your Stress Levels (don't work yourself into the ground-
                 make time for rest and recreation and dont forget your family!)

Tip no. 6     Watch your waist

Tip no. 7     Lower Blood Pressure  (This is a silent killer)

Tip no. 8     Be Smart (Avoid any health practitioner (conventional or 
                 alternative) who guarantees to remedy every single ailment,
                 uses scare tactics and attacks public health practices etc.

Tip no. 9     Avoid High UV Exposure

Tip no. 10    Get Plenty of Sleep  (Try for a solid 8 hours every single night)

More details and information can be found in January 2009 edition of
- Good Health & Medicine